.NET 6 is officially out 🥳. No better time to start writing Blazor Apps.

While .NET 6 was still in preview mode, I wrote this article which introduced the .NET template “CleanBlazor”. Go check it out.

However, if you want a summary: CleanBlazor let’s you create the same out-of-the-box Blazor apps but without any boilerplate (bootstrap, survey components, counters, etc.).

Now that .NET 6 is out, the CleanBlazor template has been updated to target the official version.

It’s available on both Visual Studio 2022 and the dotnet CLI. Check it out on GitHub or Nuget.

If you want to get quickly up and running, try this:

dotnet new --install FriscoVInc.DotNet.Templates.CleanBlazordotnet new cleanblazorwasm -o <new/folder/path>cd <new/folder/path>dotnet run

Happy coding!

Leveraging Base Controllers and Dependency Injection to stick to the DRY Principle


In most medium to large web API’s, most controller classes tend to use common services such as ILoggers.

Even though ASP.NET Core makes most services easy to access via dependency injection, sometimes initializing controller classes can get repetitive, and thus making it difficult to stick to the DRY principle.


Francisco Vilches

Software Developer

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